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Whispering Lips - printable digital artwork

Whispering Lips - printable digital artwork

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"Whispering Lips" by Artnica is a mesmerizing acrylic painting, showcasing the abstract image of half of somebody's face. With vibrant strokes of blue, orange, and green, this artwork captivates viewers with its expressive colors. Reflecting the essence of modern art, "Whispering Lips" invites interpretation and contemplation, evoking a sense of mystery and intrigue. This unique piece is perfect for a variety of spaces, including offices, living rooms, public areas, bedrooms, and kitchens. Collectors are encouraged to add "Whispering Lips" to their Artnica art collection, embracing its vibrant and abstract beauty. 

You can resize them to fit your frame or printing area. Just mind maintaining the image quality when resizing.
My every picture is available in the following sizes:


File format JPEG, resolution 300 dpi.

You can also reach out to me for alternative sizes and place custom orders for an artwork. Please, send your requests via the contact form on the website or to my email box

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