About us

My name is Veronica G., and this is the site of the artworks I’ve created. When I was a girl, my dad used to call me Nica, and later, as I grew older, he created an email box for me with login "artnica". He explained afterwards that he couldn’t have come up with a better idea for login than that one. The reason was simple – art has always been a vital part of my life.

I was born in 1982 in the former Soviet Union, a country that doesn’t exist anymore

Our life was controlled and programmed from the day of birth. Everyone knew from the beginning of their lives, kindergarten, or school, that they were deprived of the right to decide how to live. Starting a professional career wasn’t much of a challenge because even the first job was dictated by the authorities. Almost everyone was predestined to a humble pension, low level of social protection, and mediocre but free of charge medical care. Stability. Rigid ground rules and a total deficit of everything were the environment we lived in.

On contrast, the Soviet elite was enjoying life to the full as it had access to the best medicine, goods, and was free to go abroad to the USA, Western Europe let alone the countries of so-called Eastern Block. Ordinary Soviet people were denied any possibility to see the way people abroad lived. However, many Soviet citizens loved the way things were because they couldn’t imagine an alternative but Soviet reality.

If you can’t see a flip side of the coin, you can’t fight the system and, thus, you obey it.
However, there is something that helps to take a glance at the flip side – it is art. Any kind of art sets people’s minds free.

 For me, painting became a revelation that helped to see through the censure wall

I still believe that it’s some kind of magic in transferring pictures inside an artist’s head to the canvas so that other people are be able to see them. When I marvel at masterpieces, I deeply realize how wonderful, huge, and versatile the world is. 

Long ago, I’ve immigrated to Italy that has become my home where I have my family now. That’s a huge change and challenge that takes a lot of effort to put in. But my mind still keeps wandering across the world inspired by art and personal experience. When various and vivid images emerge inside my brain, I immediately draw them. More importantly, sometimes my paintings make another person experience the same emotions that I lived through when creating pictures. This is when the world of art goes beyond people’s capabilities expanding them.

My parental experience has given me a lot of positive emotions, opening my eyes on how it feels when an innocent child totally trusts you without terms and conditions.

A superior love is the love for children. My daughter Cheyenne loves to help me with everything I do, especially painting. Although she is pretty small, she possesses an extreme level of energy!

That's why I’ve chosen the image of goddess Ceres as Artnica logo. In the Roman and Greek mythology, Ceres is a good goddess who truly loves her daughter Proserpina.

I create my pictures with watercolor, pastel, acrylic, and oil, using recycled paper. I also do origami and sculpture from polymer clay and cold porcelain.

On Artnica Art website you can buy digital artworks. Please, not these are not physical objects.