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Red purple absctract - printable digital artwork

Red purple absctract - printable digital artwork

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Step into the realm of Artnica's "Red Purple Abstract" – an oil painting that encapsulates the vibrant essence of Paul Jackson Pollock's style. This artwork transcends mere visual allure; it emanates a surge of positive emotions for those who envelop themselves in its lively warmth.

Drawing inspiration from Pollock's freehand mastery, "Red Purple Abstract" brings the essence of a real sunset onto your wall. The romantic hues, a fusion of orange, red, and purple, evoke hidden feelings or the beauty of a serene sunset.

Ideal for a range of spaces – from offices and living rooms to public areas, bedrooms, and kitchens – "Red Purple Abstract" beckons viewers to consider creating their collection of Artnica's art. Each piece is a unique expression, and this artwork, with its radiant colors, is a captivating addition.

You can resize them to fit your frame or printing area. Just mind maintaining the image quality when resizing.
My every picture is available in the following sizes:

2x3     Ratio for 4x6, 6x9, 8x12, 10x15, 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, 24x36″
3x4     Ratio for 6x8, 9x12, 12x16, 18x24, 24x32″
4x5     Ratio for 4x5, 8x10, 16x20, 24x30″
11x14 Ratio for 11x14, 22x28

File format JPEG, resolution 300 dpi.

You can also reach out to me for alternative sizes and place custom orders for an artwork. Please, send your requests via the contact form on the website or to my email box

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