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Palm leaf - printable digital artwork

Palm leaf - printable digital artwork

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Check out "Palm Leaf" by Artnica – a slick piece that's got the chill vibes to elevate any space. Artnica took oil paints to create this abstract beauty, simplifying the leaf into a personality-packed masterpiece.

This ain't your grandma's leaf painting. Artnica went for that simplified, abstract look, using blues, violets, and warm yellows to give life to the palm leaf. It's like, capturing the essence without all the intricate details – a true skill.

Artnica's got some serious talent. This ain't just any abstract painting; it's a statement, a burst of personality that can light up your office, cozy up your living room, or add that artistic touch to public places.

And here's the cool part – you can start building your own Artnica art collection. Imagine having a bunch of these gems, each one bringing its own vibe to the table. It's not just art; it's a collection, a reflection of your style.

You can resize them to fit your frame or printing area. Just mind maintaining the image quality when resizing.
My every picture is available in the following sizes:


File format JPEG, resolution 300 dpi.

You can also reach out to me for alternative sizes and place custom orders for an artwork. Please, send your requests via the contact form on the website or to my email box

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